Friday, June 1, 2007

Good Times (Part 2)

Everything has been feeling really fun and exciting lately. For 3 reasons. I'll save the best for last.

1 Last night Ziegy surprised me for my birthday. He took me out on a mysterious venture and we ended up at our friend's Russ and Kerstin's house for a fun birthday celebration. Another thing to remind me that I have great Seattle friends! Too bad not everyone is in the picture, but it's the best one I have.

2 It's our anniversary! He would say we started dating the night we met up at Folklife in 2005 and watched Children of the Revolution together. I'd say our anniversary is my birthday, when just a few days later, he came down and stayed with me for my 27th birthday celebration in Portland. So, our anniversary is all week long.

3 The best part of all.... are you ready for this???
ZIEGY GOT THE JOB!! That's right folks, we are for-sure moving back to Portland. He starts August 6. This is a huge milestone, as he has been chasing this job for about a year now. It's an ocean science marketing job with a Denmark company. He'll be working from home and traveling a lot. He created the position. It's his dream job. I am so proud of him! He figured out what he wanted and he went out and made it happen. I admire him so much for this, as it is not something I've ever been great at. Now, with unknown territory and a lot of hard work ahead, it's my job to be extra supportive of him. Change is in the air.

So, we have a lot to celebrate this week!!


Kate said...


Congratulations Ziegy!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you two!
Bummed you won't be in Seattle anymore but so stoked for you!