Monday, December 3, 2007


The moment has arrived for me to reveal the completed project, a set of coasters. I sewed them from a pattern out of the book by my newest love, Denyse Schmidt.

They are a late wedding present for my friend and former bandmate, Zoƫ.

Watching the design progress was a thrill (as you experienced from the pictures), but actually sewing them wasn't all that fun because of the small, oddly shaped pieces. Matching up all of those acute and obtuse angles so no piece protruded above is kind of a pain for someone who is a little spacially challenged. But I love them, despite having to use that darn seam ripper so much.

I love them and I wish I could keep them. But I also find that taking a picture of something and then giving it away as a gift is more fun than hogging them. Finally, at 29, I'm learning to share the love.

Thanks to Jody at Javajem for the help and inspiration on the coasters.

While I continue to love to sew with the beautiful woven cottons, I have something very different that I'm sewing now and I can't wait to flash them at you soon. One hint: Violin in the winter.