Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Full Picture

It's not very often that a picture of a band is taken in which no one's face is covered by something and everyone is smiling. But, here is the Deadwood Revival opening set (Jason, Bryan, Kim, and me) from last Tuesday at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle. Bryan, the bass player for Hot Buttered Rum played the entire set with us, learning some of the tunes on the fly, just cause he's a rockstar like that.

After the the Seattle shows, I drove up to Vancouver, BC over the weekend to see another Hot Buttered Rum show. It was a much needed personal adventure. I had the full Canada experience by having my whole car searched at the border, catching the Sky Train to go shopping downtown, and then sleeping at a marginally-comfortable hostel. The show, of course, was a really fun! I chose not to sit in with the band in order to not disrupt the flow of just dancing and smiling. I united with some random new and old friends. I slipped away to the restroom at one point, and when I returned, this picture was on my camera.

Clockwise from left is Ben, who is Zac (the mandolin player)'s cousin and who sat in with them on guitar, Andy, the band's bus driver, and John and Michelle, Butter friends who live in Bellingham, WA.

I go through phases, but I'm definetely stuck in the Butter dish right now. Next up, I'll see them next weekend again at High Sierra music festival, which we are leaving for this weekend.

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Lindsey Beth said...

oooh, i like your blog too! so you're a fiddler, huh? very cool!