Sunday, January 27, 2008

Melt-in-your-Mouth Movie

I think I found a movie that I will never return to Netflix. Ever. Once is a movie that everyone I love and care about should see (and yes, that means you). It's is a little love story set in Dublin, Ireland that is all about music. The characters are "Guy" and "Girl." It's humble and simple, one of the lowest-budget films of all time. It has an overwhelming sweetness that will make you feel all la-li-la afterward and it's nominated for an Oscar for "cutest movie ever according to Ellie."

But I don't love it just for the story. It's the music that makes me feel melty-gooo. "Guy" is the lead singer for one of my favorite bands, The Frames, and their music makes up most of the soundtrack. I discovered The Frames about a year ago when I landed at a show at the Showbox in Seattle and was immersed with a full-on sensory experience. Immediatley thereafter, I was often found wailing their songs when no one was around. I'm an even bigger Frame-oholic now and having a love affair with my new iPod because of the music in Once. Check it out! It is on your nearest new release shelf.