Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Lil' Sack

A few months back, I sewed this little handbag. All I did was by cut off the bottom of an old pair of jeans and close off the bottom with just one little seam. For the handle, I sewed on something that was orginally meant to be a headband, but I never got around to sewing on the elastic. Super easy! Since it doesn't fasten at the top, I've never used it other than to toss household stuff in it. But I recently noticed that it makes a fine lil' sack for a small knitting project. Today I carried it around like this. What am I knitting, you ask? Just wait. It's almost finished.


Kate said...

Nice sack!

Courtney said...

Oh for Cute! My next crafty endeavor will definitely be learning to sew.

Felicia said...

An excellent bag! LOVE it.