Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Baby Legs

Take a look at these cutie-pies. They're baby legwarmers! Baby Legs was started a few years ago here in Seattle and now they're in stores in cities wherever babies live. The girl who started them first made some legwarmers out of sleeves (or something creative) for her baby, then she started making them for friends, and now it's a business that is flying off. Aren't they cute?? (That's pronounced kee-yoot.) Baby Legs are only $12 and are a great gift for anyone who has a baby or small kid in their life. I recommend.

On a totally unrelated note, I think this whole blogging thing is really fun! For a while now, I've been reading my sister
Kate's blog, as well as Ashley, Courtney, and Amanda's blog. Only now have a realized there is a ginormous blogging community out there! I almost had an accident in my pants when I saw the 62 comments on Hello my name is Heather or the 294 comments on Crazy Aunt Purl. And all of those people who commented have blogs, and all their people have blogs, and it is pretty much an insane chain of neverending blogs to read!! I've already done a fantastic job wasting hours upon hours weaving my way through this. And many more joyously wasted hours to come!

One thing I don't totally grasp yet is the whole feed thing. Luckly Mira informed me of bloglines, and Katt, the nice girl who works up at Hilltop Yarn, explained to me today more about how bloglines works, but it's still a little jumbly to me.


Courtney said...

You'll get the hang of bloglines. When you do, it is awesome and fun. I bet you could very easily knit some of those baby legs. They seem like a good idea for days when it's chilly inside and hot outside which happens a lot in these parts.

Anonymous said...

I'm buying some for my niece.
Thanks for the idea!
Have a great show.
Peas, Scotty

Ashley said...

I LOVE baby legs AND i did not properly tell you both how happy I am for you that you are comingback to portland and that Ziggy has his dream job. come on back you guys, we love you and miss you!

beki said...

Crazy isn't it? I could NOT blog without bloglines. There are just too many fabulous blogs out there to read :)