Friday, June 22, 2007

Fresh Butter

One person was confused about my last post, wondering if I was opening for Hot Buttered Rum by myself. Now that would be funny, but no, Deadwood Revival had invited me to play with them for their opening set. I was just tooting my own horn.

These musical experiences feel like candy to me. After all, Butter does rock my world. And Deadwood Revival rocks my world and I'm stoked to play with them. (Mom, thank you for taking me to violin lessons every week as a kid! A topic for another post.)

Here is my favorite picture of Hot Buttered Rum.

Deadwood Revival is a duo of my friends Kim on guitar and Jason on banjo, both with high energy vocals. I'm not officially in the band, but I play with them when I can.

Deadwood opened for Butter on the first night of 2 Seattle shows. On the second night another band opened but the Butter boys invited me up to play a tune during their set. It's always interesting to go up, play a few notes, and come back down... not much chance to get my groove on or get used to the sound, but I guess that's what sitting in is all about.

Oh, and notice Erik to the the left of me. He normally plays the banjo, but when he's in Seattle he borrows Ziegy's dobro and sometimes plays it instead. Do you like his t-shirt? It says "drop steel" which is another name for dobro. It's a shirt that I designed and printed for Ziegy, who loved it so much he had one made for Erik as well. Nice shirt Erik! To the right of me, Zac tells us about the "Red Clay Halo on his head."

Although Ziegy and I are moving to Portland soon, I'm so glad I got to live in Seattle for a year. If I hadn't, I would't have become such good friends with Kim and Jason and I wouldn't be zipping up to Vancouver, BC in a few minutes to catch 2 more Butter shows this weekend.


Aunties K & M said...

You are keeping some pretty fine musical company, Ellie! We are out and about this weekend -- gay pride weekend, dontcha know. love you. Kathleen

beki said...

How cool is that!

kim said...

Very nice blog and thanks for putting up that fine photo of all of us! Just gotta say we enjoy playing with you so much and I am also so glad you had that year in Seattle too...a chance for us to play together alot and become such awesome friends! We're gonna miss you when you go to Portland! Oh, but you won't get rid of us that easy. We'll just have to book in Portland more often! Gotta guest room??? Love to you both!