Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good Times

My entire Memorial Day weekend was spent at Folklife, just as planned, and it was beyond all my expectations of fun. Today I am beat from all the running around. My favorite thing this year was the workshops, which I floated to and from with glee. I went to a Scottish fiddle workshop and decided that I want to learn more Scottish. I got Ziegy to go with me to salsa and swing dancing workshops. By myself I went to an Appalachian clogging workshop and a bellydancing workshop. They're really different--bellydancing is more my style.

There are 25 stages at Folklife. This is the stage that Cross-eyed Rosie played on. Our set was high energy and well received and I'm so honored to have gotten to perform again. Directly after our set was the lovely and fabulous fiddle player Hanneke Cassel and meeting her was one of my favorite moments of the weekend.

Aside from the over-the-top music and dancing, I saw many friends over the weekend. I'm trying to cherish my Seattle friendships because I know I won't be here much longer. And I bought myself some cute clothes for my birthday (which is tomorrow!). This green top I'm wearing is from Xylem Clothing in Oregon and it's the most comfortable thing in the whole wide world.

Being able to go to Folklife (which is free I might add) is the best birthday present this girl could ask for!!


Sarette said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful! Shine on sistah. LOVE and Blessings....

carolyn said...

Hey Happy Birthday Ellie! My birthday is today! heehee!