Friday, March 30, 2007

Sarette is About to Burst

My most lovely friend Sarette is going have her baby any day now! In fact, I think today might even be her due date. She and her partner John are waiting and waiting and I know Sarette is eager to get this guy (or girl) outta there. They're doing a home birth and have a big 'ol tub in the living room right now. If you're interested, they have a blog that they wisely set up beforehand to share their story with us.

A woman who is about to give birth is just so powerful, don't you think? Sarette is so beautiful. I love looking at her big belly and thinking about how a big baby is curled up in there. Awesome! A few months ago, I took this picture of her at her shower, looking like the goddess that she is.

I can only image! I've had countless dreams about pregnancy and childbirth, but that's as far as my experience goes. Most the time I wake up disappointed that I was dreaming, so I guess you could you say I'm kind-of-a-little excited for it to happen to me at some point.

Sarette, my girl, you are on my mind!
You are a full-on, glorious, life-giving woman right now. I have no idea how you feel, but happy birthing, Sister!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hangin' on the Roof

Last night, Kelly and Jason invited themselves over (well done, guys!) for a fun dinner on the rooftop patio of our apartment. They brought over some salmon and another mysterious fish that Kelly got from her Uncle Tom who got it from her Uncle Bob. And Ziegy, the master of all BBQ masters, cooked it up. He did a mighty fine job making it taste yummy. Also eaten were grilled portabello mushrooms and pasta salad. Magaritas went down nicely. A good time!

Ziegy made a great panorama "movie" of our nearly full-circle view from up on our roof. But I don't know how to post a movie, so I'll save that for another day.

You see, it's totally georgeous in Seattle right now, like 65 and sunny for the past 3 days. Is it like that where you live too? I got my bike tuned up just in time. Everyone is outside and really happy. We have been waiting and waiting to use our roof again and the time has come! Happy Spring everybody!


Here is my new blog, folks! I have spent way too much time putting it together before launching it into the world, but some things are just so hard to decide! Like the name of the blog and the service that is best for me and my life. A lot of time was spent tinkering in the pre-stages. I really wanted to call my blog Glisten, but that name is taken. Aw, poo. Of course the person who owns that blog hasn't posted since 2003 and he is just a big stinker blog hog. Then I realized I could call my blog Glisten if I used Typepad, but then decided what business do I have paying for a Typepad blog when I can have a Blogger blog for free? I don't think I'll post all that often, just when I have something totally awesome to share and Ziegy is probably tired of hearing about it.

So here is
Needletune! Being someone who is often found playing a fiddle tune and someone who is often found with knitting needles in my hands, I think it fits well. It will take me a bit to get the whole layout thing down and make it just how I want it. So far, I think it's all a little clunky and hard to manage, (hence the 2-font look) but hopefully I can figure it out.

Here is a little picture of me saying "hello"
to you!