Sunday, July 1, 2007

Skirts and Stuff

Tomorrow we are heading to California for the fun and outrageous High Sierra Music Festival. It means I finally get to flaunt this cute skirt I sewed a while ago.

The skirt is fitted and stretchy. It's made out of spandex. The ladies at the sewing store tried to tell me that it wasn't going to work to sew on the red bobble garland at the bottom because it doesn't stretch (even if I stretched the spandex). Guess what. It worked! It's stretches wonderfully!

These are little hair ties. They're just strips of spandex and decorative yarn and they're about six inches long.

Actually, I've kind of gone crazy the past few days. Here's another skirt I made. The little blue guys hanging down are more spandex. I like the way that they hang straight and don't wrinkle.

One thing I learned: Spandex + hot glue gun = happiness and fun

I also just finished sewing the curtains for our VW bus that is going down to High Sierra. We'll be gone until next Monday night. Back with a lot of musical and creative inspiration of course.


Felicia said...

Great outfit! Enjoy it :)

Lois said...


Ashley said...

wow, way to be creative ellie.
i love what you are doing with spandex.