Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's Yer Name Again? Oh.

A few months back I went to a party where my friend made these little name pins for all of the attendees. When she arrived with this stimulating hurrah, my camera smothered her with great excitement. It was like a tray of fresh cookies out of the oven, but even better.

Aren't they succulent and juicy? And it made the party way more fun. Everyone is more relaxed at a party when we all have a name tag on. AND everyone left with a souvenier.

The clever crafter is the lovely Jeanne of Denver, CO. She used little wood pieces from Michael's, a metallic marker, little cheapy pins, and a hot glue gun. I won't give away her secret for giving them color, but I will tell you that they are way easier to make than they look.

Now, I would bet that these are awfully fun to make. I'm going to a similar, well-planned music party next weekend and I'm itching to see Jeanne Pins on people again. I think I am going to rally for this, even though I hear there will be 200 people there.

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