Sunday, April 8, 2007

Totally Pictureless

So, with the recent sadness that has unfolded on my blog, I've been feeling some pressure to quickly post something cheerful. Ah screw it. I have nothing cheerful to share at the moment. But that sourness is not related to my sad week. It's related to something else that I'll tell you about in a moment.

First of all, thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts related to the sad news about my friend. Luckily, I was able to spend some time with them over the weekend. I played some pretty violin music for them at Owen's small memorial service by the river near their house. It was a really beautiful. A happy-sad day. I care about them so much and it helped to be a part of his memorial.

Second of all, I have no picture for you tonight because of a ridiculous discovery that keeps me from posting the picture I had in mind. Ziegy and I had a really fun, leisurely bikeride on Friday to Seattle's brand new Olympic Sculpture Park. Since it's brand spanking new, it's all futuristic and new-agey looking. Cutting edge environmental design, really. While I was there I was thinking "This is awesome!! Why didn't I bring the camera?" It was one of those moments. But then, it was okay because I have a fancy new "camera phone." Ziegy took the coolest picture of me and my bike inside a sculpture. How can I explain it... well, it's basically made up of several massive-sized oozy-looking metal walls that you can walk through. The scale of it is simply fascinating and the picture showed it well.

I was going to upload the picture to my computer like I've done in the past. But guess what. Now, you have to buy the pictures off the Sprint site to do anything with them. What's up with that? Some camera phone. There's no way to do anything with the pictures without putting them in a "cart". I often snatch pictures off the internet by doing a fancy trick, but they've even blocked me from doing that. So try to imagine a cheerful picture of me with this sculpture, cause I have no picture.

A camera phone is really nothing more than a toy for when you're drunk with your friends and need simple amusement. It leaves me wondering if before we ever count on something do we always need to ask "does this cost any money?" Gosh I hope not!

Well, that post was a little cheerful I guess. Well, not really. HHMMMPPPPHHHH.

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Sarette said...

It was so nice to have you guys with us at the memorial. I would love to hear that song again some day.
Your camera phone sucks!
Oh well, you'll just have to show me that place next time I visit.