Monday, April 30, 2007

CJ Fest

Our friend CJ threw a big party for herself for her 40th birthday. 6 bands and almost 300 people all gathered in beautiful Trout Lake, Washington.

On the way I started knitting my second camera sock. This one is a gift for Mario and Erica, who are letting us store our stuff in their garage.

Ziegy is wearing his VW bus shirt standing next to his VW bus. Our friend J looks on, excited for the weekend. Ziegy and I slept up in the pop-top. It was freezing at night!! I slept with gloves, a hat, socks, long underwear, a longsleeve shirt, a hoodie, a fleece vest, and a fleece jacket on. I could barely move, but I was warm!

I did some jamming with Billy, Heather and some other friends. I've been playing mandolin a lot lately. It's been fun. See that big mountain back there?! That's Mt. Adams. Another fun thing happened this weekend was that I ran into some other friends, Derek and Jen, who are friend's of John and Sarette's. I didn't know they were connected to this group and I love it when that happens.

Check out the cake decorations! A clarinet and everything.... Jeanne, who cut the cake, tried to tell me to take the fiddle... I'm glad I didn't or I would've had a big sugary mess in my pocket by the end of the night.

CJ has been planning this for party for over a year. Here is her plan of action, sketched out.

She knows how to celebrate herself. Yeah CJ!