Thursday, May 24, 2007

Play and Be Jolly

It's time.... for Northwest Folklife!! This is my favorite weekend of the year. It's 4 whole days of thousands of happy people gathering at the beautiful Seattle Center to relish in all kinds of music. Lots of performances, art, dances, and workshops. Any fiddle player is in heaven, especially me for some reason. Ziegy remembers me saying last year, "I wish everyday was Folklife!"

There's lots of reasons why I'm excited for Folklife. Aside from all the fiddle hulabaloo, this will be the 3rd year in a row that Cross-eyed Rosie is performing and I'm excited to sell our new CD. It will be warm and sunny. But the most fabulous part is that this year I do not have to drive 3.5 hours to get to Folklife. In fact, I live in the same neighborhood and I can walk there. Seattle is huge and not many people live right by Seattle Center. How LUCKY can I be? The band is coming to me for my favorite festival. I've been waiting for Folklife ever since we moved here.

I plan on just kickin' it there all weekend, soaking it in. Lots of Portlanders are coming up. My friends Finn and Abby are staying at our place. Their all-girl band, Chickweed ("high-octane bluegrass"), is also performing.

Last year at Folklife, I took a picture of a girl hooping while playing violin. I was jealous of her coolness, so I photoshopped my own head over hers. I disguised myself for an online photo directory for a music community that I am part of. Coulda fooled you, right? :)


Ziegy said...

yeehaww, Folklife Everyday for the next four days at least.

the superstar said...

"are we really related?:)"

ever been to amidon, nd? :)