Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It seems Halloween is losing it's charm for kids. Kids can't wear their costumes to school, a lot of kids don't get to go trick-or-treating, and some go in *gasp* shopping malls. What is going on here?

I was a priveledged trick-or-treater. Year after year, a whole gaggle of kids from my street would go in big, jolly herd. With pride, we'd tackle a huge span of our residential south Minneapolis neighborhood. When we got old enough for no parents, the fun was practically off the hook. Those were great times.

But let's face it. The real reason for this Halloween post is to brag about my brilliant costume ideas as a crafty grown up.

A few years ago I was a string bass. The scroll was made out of floam on a stick which sat in a plastic bottle inside my hair. I used a colorful scarf as the fingerboard, shimmery ribbon for strings, and sewed big fabric f-holes onto my dress. Cool, yes, but that costume took way too much time to make!

Another year I was a rotten strawberry. I took an old strawberry costume that I made and put blobs of cotton and and green scouring sponge all over it for mold. Much easier.

This year's costume was conceived and created in about 2 seconds. Ziegy was the floor of a movie theater and I was a mop. He glued a bunch of candy and popcorn to his shirt. I put a paper towel roll on my head and strips of white felt around my waist. It was all made with just a hot glue gun and elastic. My goal this year was to not let my costume cause me any stress. I did well! Go ahead, steal my ideas for next year... I don't mind. :)


Courtney said...

Nice f-holes! They're very artfully drawn.

Ashley said...

That picture of you both is totally fabulous.