Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Good Stuff

My friend Sarette is so crafty. Look at these pants she sewed for herself!

Today I discovered the most fabulous new store in Portland that is only a bicycle spin away from my house. It's called Twisted and is has yarn, crafts, classes, and tea. Yet another reason why I love this city! Not only does Twisted have a weekly movie night, where you do the craft of your choice with other fun ladies (or strong men), but the two girls who just opened it are really nice. I'm hoping they decide to do some hiring soon.

Which reminds me that the other day, while shopping with Sarette, I discovered another store which is equally blogworthy. Saint Cupcake is a fun little boutique on Belmont Avenue. It's full of handmade things that you don't need at all, but you just want so badly. It's a great store to waste time in. And just when you thought this store couldn't be more scrumptious, at the back of the store, you'll find that you're actually shopping in a cheerful little cupcake shop! What's more fun than that?

Portland has a huge craft and DIY (do it yourself) scene and it is about half of the reason why I live here. I'll tell you more about that another day.


Felicia said...

It always amazes me when people make clothes. Cutting a pattern and following directions usually has be befuddled. Her pants are very cute.

Kathleen said...

So I just spent half an hour looking at beautiful cupcakes. What fun! And you can visit them in person. You lead a lovely life.

Sarette said...

Thanks for the kudos on the pants! They were fun to make, indeed. I want to check out this twisted place some time. Craft on!

Ziegy said...

glad you found a yarn store nearby, I know now where to find you