Friday, March 30, 2007

Sarette is About to Burst

My most lovely friend Sarette is going have her baby any day now! In fact, I think today might even be her due date. She and her partner John are waiting and waiting and I know Sarette is eager to get this guy (or girl) outta there. They're doing a home birth and have a big 'ol tub in the living room right now. If you're interested, they have a blog that they wisely set up beforehand to share their story with us.

A woman who is about to give birth is just so powerful, don't you think? Sarette is so beautiful. I love looking at her big belly and thinking about how a big baby is curled up in there. Awesome! A few months ago, I took this picture of her at her shower, looking like the goddess that she is.

I can only image! I've had countless dreams about pregnancy and childbirth, but that's as far as my experience goes. Most the time I wake up disappointed that I was dreaming, so I guess you could you say I'm kind-of-a-little excited for it to happen to me at some point.

Sarette, my girl, you are on my mind!
You are a full-on, glorious, life-giving woman right now. I have no idea how you feel, but happy birthing, Sister!!

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Sarette said...

Awww.. I like this memory!
Quite strange how life turns out sometimes. Being pregnant is awesome though. There is nothing like a little baby foot tickling your belly and nourishing a little being.